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Case Study


Dazzling Zazzle customers with personalisation, quality and customer care

Our Client


What We Did

Print on Demand (ConnecTED)

Release Date

September 2018


Mark Blackburn

Zazzle is established as a leading player in the American ecommerce marketplace. With image content from some of the world’s best-known brands including Disney, Star Wars and Harry Potter, it also boasts designs from a thriving creative community, and the ability for customers to upload their own artwork. All of these for application onto a huge range of desirable and on-demand products to create uniquely personalised items.

Shipping from the US meant that not only were Zazzle’s lead times unacceptably long, but its costs and carbon footprint were proving to be prohibitively high. It needed to find an established print-on-demand partner in Europe to help it replicate its US success. With an ever-increasing portfolio of POD items, and a reputation for innovation, reliability and service, Precision Proco proved the obvious choice.

  • Precision Proco has been a trusted partner of Zazzle for years and helped ignite our international fulfilment programs. In partnering with Precision Proco we were able to get closer to our customers, and reduce our carbon footprint with a seamless integration to their innovative order processing system. We have great trust in Precision Proco to deliver the Zazzle experience to our customers.
    Kevin Leonard
    Director of Network Performance at Zazzle

Smart integration of systems coupled with smart automation mean that lead and delivery times have been slashed. While friction-less order processing and production at point-of-need mean customers receive their products sooner, with less risk of damage or delay.

Zazzle has reduced its carbon footprint and can scale production at speed to reflect seasonality and gift-giving periods. It can also tap into Precision Proco’s innovation and product development experience and benefit from the dedicated account management of its customer service team.

Zazzle needed to find an established print on demand partner in Europe to help it replicate its US success