Print 80/20 – Print management reimagined

Dolly the sheep, Frank Skinner, Nintendo 64 

In the summer of 1996 ‘Three Lions’ by a young Frank Skinner and David Baddiel was topping the charts, Dolly the sheep was cloned and the Nintendo 64 was released in Japan. 1996 was also remarkable for two other reasons: Richard Koch released his first book ‘The 80 20 principle’ and print management celebrated its second birthday.

For Precision Proco 2021 provides a perfect platform to reimagine print management and how a managed service can add measurable value to our clients marketing print. The result is Print 80/20.

The future is here

It's what you know but better

Using experience and data analytics

In it's early days print management provided a valued service: consolidating spend and taking cost out of the print process through a service delivered by genuine experts. 25 years later the world of print has changed, print now is digital and personalised, proofed online with automated colour management and production. The value traditional print management is actually delivering for the cost is being questioned by clients and suppliers alike.

We use our experience, combined with data analytics, to identify where to effectively apply technology and automation in the print ordering and production process, and where to have real experts providing a personal service. 

Underpinning our approach is the 80/20 principle that 80% of the value comes from 20% of the work. Where possible we aim to simplify and automate the production process for the low value work, creating time to focus on the work that makes a big, measurable difference our client’s success.

Best of both worlds

Through Print 80/20 we can deliver the best of both worlds – manufacturing and outsourcing. Where we can automate and manufacture efficiently in-house we do and where we can’t we outsource to trusted partners. We guarantee the best value for money for our clients.

The Print 80/20 approach to production and print management is based on improving efficiency and effectiveness every step of the way. Not only do we aim to reduce costs we also give a precious commodity back to our clients – time. By taking on the responsibility for the management of marketing operations, we free our marketing clients up to focus on marketing and offer peace of mind to procurement that we are delivering on our savings promises.