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Case Study


Shaking up the online greeting card market

Our Client


What We Did

Print on Demand (ConnecTED)

Release Date

September 2019


Jon Bailey

Thortful are one of the UK’s most successful online greeting cards providers, but breaking into this market was not an easy path.

Back in 2015, Andy Pearce, CEO of Thortful found himself let down by the lack of creativity, diversity and poor quality of the online greeting card offering. The high street wasn’t much better, and he could see people settling for cards that would ‘just do’ rather than thinking ‘this is a beautiful card that sums up my feelings for the recipient’.

He decided he wanted to offer the best card shopping experience with the ability to find the perfect greeting card quickly (and not one that will just do!).

His dream was to build a creative card marketplace supporting a community of designers, illustrators and photographers who create beautiful, unique greeting cards (most of which you won’t find on the high street!), where creators would be appropriately rewarded for their creative talents, paying them an industry-leading royalty rate too - they deserve nothing less!

Now he needed to find the right partner to help deliver this dream, so step in Jon Bailey, COO of Precision Proco Group.

  • It’s been a true partnership from day one, Precision Proco are an extension of my business. I couldn’t recommend Precision Proco more highly.
    Andy Pearce
    Thortful CEO
  • Working with the Thortful team is a dream come true, I’ve loved to see the brand grow into such a unique iconic company and to have been a part of that journey is amazing. It’s great to see everyone’s reaction when we say we partner with Thortful and to hear the positive comments. The whole Thortful team are lovely to work with and building the relationship has been easy.
    Kate Tuckett
    Client Services Manager
  • Late cut-off for same-day dispatch, Orders received up to 6 PM Monday - Friday are dispatched the same day.

  • Ability to produce an almost unlimited selection of card designs across a number of sizes with personalisation

  • Ability and desire to grow and scale with the business as volumes increase

From one order a day to 150,000 cards a day during peak periods