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Unlock the value of homemovers

Unlock the incredible value of homemovers through geeky data analysis minus the jargon, headache and #yawns

Getting geeky with it

Let us transform mind-boggling numbers into mind-blowing results with data-driven offline campaigns so smart, they’d give University Challenge champs a run for their money!

Getting geeky with the figures, our dedicated ‘Homies’ help to identify uber-valuable audiences, then sweet-talk them to ‘spendsville’ by landing irresistibly persuasive print campaigns on their doorsteps at prime purchasing times.

Getting geeky with it

Shut the front door

We already know that homemovers are valuable, but how valuable?

  • Homemovers are around 37% more valuable than non-movers
  • Average order value increases by 70% when comparing homemovers to non-homemovers
  • Sales remain higher for 13 months post-move

HomingIn helps high-end brands unlock the incredible value of these homemovers through targeted data analysis. By pairing a slice of your consumer data with our extensive movers buyer research profiles, we’ll identify exactly where movers are in their journey AND which of your products they want to buy, when. Then we’ll hit them with a socks-blown-off kinda direct mail campaign, landing your awesome brand on their doorstep at precisely the right time.

Right Message, Right people, Right Time


Essentials are essentials, right?! Which means certain pre-moving purchases are less about the justification and more about the just-gimme!
And so, whether your offering is beds, blinds or linen, a right-place-right-time print campaign will have movers parting with their cash quicker than you can say "completion day".


This is when the party really gets started, with must-have-deemed purchases reaching fever pitch. Our live triggers mean that we know exactly when a homemover will exchange contracts so we can time your customer communications with absolute perfection.
Gifted? We know!


Our clever analysis shows the homemover journey up to two years post-move, so you can target customers beginning projects and celebrating first anniversaries and Christmases in their new home. Ongoing communication with these consumers is key to nurturing the relationship and, with a little Mystic-Meg-magic, converting them into life-long brand fans.

Let's make it rain

We know that you can achieve a 30% increase in direct response when a message is seen at the right time. And with our fully bespoke HomingIn campaign, doing just that is a piece of cake.

We can filter our mover profiles by property characteristics, geography and demographics, so you can be positive you’re targeting your ideal customers. Surely it doesn’t get any more #GOALS than that?!

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  • The team have provided Hillarys with a way of finding high-value Homemovers that generate significant revenue and make this one of our best-performing channels. The insight around data, and the on-demand digital 4-col production mixed with the people at Precision Proco give us great flexibility and makes it easy for us to work with them.
    Andy McGrath
    National Marketing Manager, Hillarys
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