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Case Study


Helping the nation start the day in a personalised way

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What We Did

Print on Demand (ConnecTED)

Release Date

July 2016


Jon Tolley

Delivering efficiency and creativity through workflow automation with one of the UK's favourite brands.

Kellogg’s cereals hold a special place in the hearts of kids and adults alike and they’re a familiar sight on breakfast tables across the globe.

So, in 2015 when they launched their first on-pack personalised promotion, giving their cereal-eating fans across Europe the opportunity to own a spoon with their name and favourite Kellogg’s character on it, take-up was naturally huge.

With such a significant level of demand, excitement and high expectations from the Kellogg’s brand, waiting times from order to fulfilment were critical. Needing to significantly reduce waiting times for Spoons 2 in 2016, while at the same time continuing to delight their customers.

  • We were aware of Precision Proco’s expertise in personalisation and they have met all our needs, complying fully with all our quality requirements and have reduced order to arrival lead time to as little as a week.
    Sam Blunt
    Senior Marketing Activation Manager.

Reduce lead time from order to receipt from 90 days to as little as one week

  • We reduced the lead time by 75% and now produce 50,000+ spoons a week and ship to 28 countries in 15 languages
  • Implement electronic “track and trace” throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • Put in place transparency and 360-degree visibility on orders, production and fulfilment
  • Ultimately simplifying the supply chain and management of the full process after order placement from manufacturer to end delivery
We reduced the lead time by 75% 75%