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Direct Mail

Your brand in the hands of your audience

Taking your Direct Mail campaigns from good to golden.

The direct mail difference

The proven effectiveness of direct mail means it has a place in ALL modern omnichannel marketing strategies, but a few key elements are required to take your DM campaigns from good to golden.

With over 30 years of experience delivering impactful direct mail campaigns from our print superhub in Sheffield, we have the expertise and the equipment to make that game-changing DM difference.

And you need not just take our word for it. Leading UK brands, including Wren, Hillarys, Jet2 and Vets4Pets, trust us with producing their DM campaigns to cut through the digital noise, drive acquisition and boost awareness. 

Success lies in careful planning, inspired creativity, precise execution, and clear measurement, all of which we can achive thanks to our switched-on team and world-class print production facilities.

So, whether your print-run needs are modest or mammoth, we can produce meaningful mailings in hundreds, thousands, or millions and deliver them directly to those who matter. 

95% of mail is engaged with 95%
87% of people described mail as believable 87%
75% of mail is read 75%
46% of mail is still in the home after 28 days 46%
70% of people driven towards an online activity 70%
52% report ROI benefits when mail is used 52%
30% of mail prompts commercial actions 30%

Why Direct Mail?

In today's digitally dominated world, direct mail stands out as a highly engaging and effective marketing channel that's tested, trackable and trusted.

It grabs attention and prompts consumer action, drives business growth and ROI, integrates seamlessly with digital and connects effortlessly with all audiences, including Gen Z!

Not all printed marketing is the same

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to direct mail. Given our print marketing knowledge and innovative kit, we can ensure that your DM format and design align with your goals, budget and audience.


Print marketing powerhouses, driving web traffic, sales, and loyalty with tactile appeal, trumping email engagement rates and enticing in-store visits.


Cost-effective, measurable and engaging print marketing gems, driving purchases with hyper-personalisation and custom URLs.


High-quality, impactful, and budget-friendly mail that bypasses envelopes, offering ample space for copy and convenient inclusion of reply cards or coupons.


Effective for business introductions, detailed information, and personal customer connections, boasting high trust and response rates.

Brochures & Booklets

Versatile print tools for educating, promoting, and lead generation, explaining products and services in detail with personalised content and compelling visuals.

Dimensional Mailer

Innovative, creative and attention-grabbing showcases for brands, products, and services available in diverse shapes and sizes and boasting the highest response rate among DM.

Tailored targeting

Choosing the correct distribution method is another key aspect of achieveing optimum DM success. Considering the campaign objectives, budget, and desired audience reach, we'll help you pick the most attractive distribution option and effortlessly execute it on your behalf. 

Fully addressed and named - ensuring precision by delivering mail directly to specific recipients, enhancing personalisation and engagement.

Partially addressed - widening reach by targeting households based on demographics or location, offering cost-efficient options while maintaining relevance. 

Door drops - extending outreach further by covering specific geographic areas with unaddressed mail, maximising exposure and potential response rates. 

Printed Marketing is Sustainable

Contrary to common misconceptions, mail is a sustainable marketing channel. By utilising natural, recyclable materials, adopting eco-friendly inks, and implementing energy-efficient production methods, the print industry's contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions remains minimal, standing at only 1%, making it one of the lowest industrial emitters. 

We're proud to support the eye-opening work of organisations like Two Sides and Royal Mail in promoting these sustainable print attributes while debunking industry myths and reaffirming mail's role as planet-conscious marketing communications. 

Mail's Green Credentials

  • Renewable source
  • Recycled up to 7 times
  • Natural, eco-friendly inks
  • Energy-efficient production methods
Get in touch to learn more about sustainable marketing programs. You can also request a copy of our latest impact report, highlighting our steps to becoming a sustainable print company and our ambitions for a greater, greener future.

Do Direct Mail Differently

At Precision Proco, we're huge advocates of the power of direct mail, but we're also massive fans of doing direct mail differently to gain greater traction and increase levels of consumer action both online and offline. 

Our 'In The Moment Marketing' strategy revolutionises the traditional DM approach by focusing on personalised, engaging, and timely comms en masse, cutting through the digital noise and enhancing consumer interaction. 

What makes it different:

  1. Speed - Time-sensitive campaigns sent at optimum purchasing points in the customer buying journey.
  2. Relevance - Hyper-personalised and variable content driven by insights, data, and buyer behaviour triggers. 
  3. Automation - Production that integrates cutting-edge technology to streamline unique communication print processes. 
Request a copy of our 'In The Moment Marketing' white paper to discover how this DM approach addresses today's marketing challenges and will supercharge your acquisition, retention and engagement strategies.
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  • The homemover DM has exceeded our expectations. It's delivered some outstanding results and overall has been an invaluable piece of work for the business.
    Sharon Dawson
    Head of Marketing, Loyalty and CRM, DFS
  • During the two years we’ve been working with Precision Proco every interaction has been hugely positive. They’re very responsive to the wide variety of briefs that we have submitted and always look to fully understand the key objectives for each campaign to ensure a successful outcome can be achieved with a positive ROI. Overall as a business we’ve really enjoyed partnering with Precision Proco and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.
    Tom Greatorex
    Senior Brand Manager, SkyBet
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