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Case Study


Adding personalisation to the UK’s best-loved comic book

Our Client


What We Did

Print on Demand (ConnecTED)

Release Date

September 2019


Jon Tolley

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Beano holds a unique place in the history of Britain’s comics. Published and much loved since July 1938, and with heroes that include Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx and The Bash Street Kids, it evokes happy childhood memories for kids of all ages. And, with a circulation high in 1950, it’s still enjoyed by tens of thousands of readers every week.

Putting its fans and readers at the heart of Beano stories and in amongst their favourite characters required sophisticated hyper personalisation and print-on-demand. As Beanos existing service provider wasn’t able to accomplish this, the hunt was on to find a replacement with a pedigree, reputation and proven experience in this area. Enter Precision Proco

  • A die-hard Beano fan, Jon Tolley had an obvious passion for the project from the outset. Working with him and his team has been a pleasure and they’ve helped create a sound working relationship that’s beneficial to both parties.
    Rob Glenny
  • Having expert knowledge of not only the technology but also the brand has allowed us to provide Beano with the best-selling e-commerce product that fits Menaces and Minxes of all ages! A true project of passion.
    Jon Tolley
  • As acknowledged experts in the field of personalisation and print-on-demand, we were able to guide Beano through the entire process from the initial concept proposal to a go-live date of less than 5 weeks.
  • Our smart automation means that, as each individual book passes through its state-of-the-art workflow, it is tracked and quality-checked at every stage to ensure customers receive their personalised, unforgettable gift in perfect condition in under 3 days!

Personalised, unforgettable gift in under 3 Days