25th February 2021

Direct Mail in a Digital World


What has happened to you in the last 60 seconds.. very little I guess will be your first answer, you’re online, you saw a link to this blog post and you clicked on it.

However, in the last 60 seconds there’s been loads happening; 350,000 tweets have been posted, over 3 million posts on Facebook, 500 million YouTube videos have been viewed, and 150 million emails sent.. still think not much has happened?

In the last 10 years the world has changed beyond recognition and the way in which we consume information and products is off the scale!
Traditional routes to market across all industry sectors have been disrupted by consumers wanting choice and flexibility 24/7 and this new on demand world is set to stay and grow.
The same goes for marketing and the way we, as consumers and buyers engage with marketing messages has also changed.

Consumers no longer want you to tell them what you want them to hear, they certainly don’t want to feel like they’re just a name on a database.
Todays, marketing savvy consumer wants to be seen as an individual, they want relevant information, they want to be made to feel special, like they’re important to us and they want to play an active part in the “conversation”, and guess what?...They want all that at the time that’s right for them.

Wow, pretty demanding consumers these days eh?

Those requirements have led us here. It has led us to a crossroads. We have a challenge. The challenge is this…

Consumers are exposed to so much information it’s almost impossible for a single message to get through. It’s a phenomenon known as information overload! The human brain can only digest and process so much information which actually means that as marketers a lot of our efforts are being directed in to a perceived area of opportunity...not one that actually exists.

So if that’s the case we need to start working on areas that are actually able to deliver value and get cut through.

That’s where our friends at MarketReach comes in and their Neuroscience research.
Market Reach wired people up to transmitters on the head to see how their brains reacted to certain types of media. They took 114 people and put them in real life settings and asked them to review different types of media and messaging. The technology allowed MarketReach to measure the parts of brain that support long term memory encoding and what it uncovered was very interesting.

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