Making it personal

The opportunity has never been greater for marketers to get smarter with personalisation across marketing activity, using data to create richer and more relevant experiences for customers.

If you've got the data

We've got the expertise

Not just a name

The traditional notion of personalisation as a name on a direct mail piece or the cover of a book has evolved into a powerful individualised approach to customer engagement and loyalty driven by… you guessed it… data. Consumers want imagery, offers and pricing to be relevant and personalised to them and the stage in the buying lifecycle they are at. 

Our campaign management solutions enable you to create trigger-based campaign activity personalised to individuals.

Breathing life into data

Our Indigo digital presses and high-speed inkjet give us the capability to turn your data into variable data-driven content in full colour across multiple media, whether it be brochures, catalogues, direct mail, cards, or books.