Do you feel the need for speed?

When speed, personalisation and volume is key, we've got your back. Our HP T240 high speed inkjet press combines all the above and more.

Combining quality and speed,

like Rachel Riley with long division

Offset quality

With our HP T240 high speed inkjet press, you no longer need to compromise between volume, speed and quality. Capable of producing up to 62 million letter-sized impressions per month, no direct mail, door drop of mailing is too large. 

Couple that with the ability to personalise each piece, personalisation, volume, speed and quality is a given.

The speed and quality of inkjet production make it ideal for;

  • high volume direct mail
  • publishing
  • catalogues
  • brochures
  • letters

All of which can be personalised just like on the digital presses - only quicker.